Overview of the Home Selling Process

1. Contact a Beiler-Campbell Realtors office.


2. Meet with a professional Beiler-Campbell Realtor for a no-cost consultation.

3.  A Market Analysis is performed at no cost by your Beiler-Campbell Realtor.

4. Share your goals with your Beiler-Campbell Realtor; who will design a plan to achieve them.  Your Beiler-Campbell Realtor can also discuss your needs in your next home and tour properties with you.

5.  Execute a listing agreement, complete a property seller’s disclosure and prepare a snapshot of utility costs.

6.  Your home is entered in the Multiple Listing Service. This is an on-line computer network that links your home to other real estate companies.

7.  Your home’s photos and information is entered on www.beiler-campbell.com and Realtor.com.

8.  Your home is entered on over 40 additional web channels.

9. Beiler-Campbell Agents tour your property as a group, guided by your Realtor. (optional)

10.  An attractive and highly recognizable burgundy yard sale sign is placed on your property.

11.   An electronic computerized lock box is placed on your door to allow access by licensed real estate Agents.  (optional)

12.  Color brochures are placed at your home.

14.  “Just Listed” postcards are sent to surrounding neighborhoods and potential Buyers.

15.  A Broker’s Open House is arranged and hosted by your Realtor for other real estate Agents to tour your home.  (optional)

16.  A Public Open House is arranged and hosted by your Realtor, including advertising, yard signs and follow up calls to visitors. (optional)

17.  Your property is advertised in appropriate local newspapers.

18.  Your Beiler-Campbell Realtor continually reports to you on the activity of your home.  Additionally, after 4 to 5 weeks on the market, your Beiler-Campbell Realtor reviews the activity on your home, market strategy and positioning until your property is sold.

19.  An offer is made on your home!  Your Beiler-Campbell Realtor reviews the offer with you and professionally negotiates counter offers to affect a successful sale.

20.  Working through your Beiler-Campbell Realtor, you and the Buyer agree on price, terms, and date for settlement.

21.  An  Agreement of Sale is signed.  Deposit money is put in an escrow account until time of settlement.

22.  A mortgage is obtained if needed and property inspections are made (septic, water, radon, wood, etc.).

23.  Pre-settlement activities such as structural inspections and certifications are tracked by your Realtor who will keep you posted on the progress.

24.  Your Beiler-Campbell Realtor coordinates Use & Occupancy inspections with municipality if necessary.

25.  Anvil Land Transfer, an affiliate of Beiler-Campbell Realtors, provides title insurance to your Buyer with exceptional service and dedication to your timeline.

26.  Your Beiler-Campbell Realtor accompanies you on settlement day.

27.  Adjustments are made for taxes, water, sewer, any prepaid utilities and HOA dues.

28.  Beiler-Campbell Conveyance Department assists in preparation for closing.

29.  Mortgage pay-off is made. You give the Buyer title and keys, and you are paid.

30.  Congratulations on a successful sale!

31.  Feel free to refer your friends and family to your Beiler-Campbell Realtor. 

32.  Contact your Beiler-Campbell Realtor with any questions pertaining to real estate or your new home.

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