Listing your property at an accurate market value is a vital
step in achieving a successful sale

By pricing your home accurately:

  • Showings will increase.
  • Buyers are motivated and better offers will result.
  • More offers will be received; Buyers purchase properties by
    comparison and
     will usually make an offer on a fairly priced property before making a low  offer on an overpriced property.
  • Your property will sell faster and at a higher price.

If you list your home at a price that is too high:

  • Fewer Buyers will tour your property.
  • Your property stays on the market longer with less activity.
  • The price will need to be reduced repeatedly, causing the property to appear stagnant.

What determines accurate market value?

  • Recent property sales in your area.
  • Location, location, location.
  • The condition of your property.
  • Current inventory on the market.
  • The strong selling points of your property.
  • Predicted trends of the real estate market.

What does not effect accurate market value?

  • What you paid for your property.
  • The gross amount spent on home improvements and maintenance.
  • The amount of money you need to purchase another property.
  • The amount of your total debt.



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